Live Foyn Friis

«Intensely ethereal voice, creating a world of beauty and strangeness.»  – London Jazz News

«Denmark’s New Jazz Star!» – Danmarks Radio & DPA

«A female soloist with the world at her feet.» – Stardust – Wall of Fame – Jette Lykke

«Danmarks mest lovende jazz-pop talent er Norsk – Dagens Næringsliv

«Poetisk Kraft!» – Tor Hammerø

«Live Foyn Friis has the real X-Factor!» Jakob Hassing, Jazz Special

«A singer-songwriter of God’s grace” – GAFFA

«ONE WILD ENSEMBLE IN WORLD CLASS!» – Lise Westzynthius, Local Heros.

«Live Foyn Friis crafts an earthy, shamanic sound that is equal parts folk, jazz, indy and country – The Irish Times

Webpage of the singer and composer Live Foyn Friis

Interview from New Orleans April 2018


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