Live Foyn Friis (aka Liive) is a Norwegian jazz singer and composer/songwriter born in Bærum, Norway.

‘One of the hottest names on the Scandinavian Jazz heaven right now!’ – Jazzspecial

Live Foyn Friis has travelled around the world with her projects and worked with international names in different parts of the world, (as Bobby McFerrin, Mike Stern, Nelson Faria, Rubem Farias, Nikolaj Hess, Brian Blade, DR Big Band, Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, Nord-Norsk Symfoniorkester, John Scofield, Luboš Soukup).
Several of her albums has been nominated for international prizes like Danish Music Awards, The Years Big Band album in Japan, The Music Prize in Norway, and she won the prizes The Years Young Jazz Composer, and Denmarks New Jazz Star!
She has released 8-10 albums of jazz and indie in her own name Live Foyn Friis, and under the band names Foyn Trio!, Liis, The Baby Zebras, Touché Monet, The Bob Nova
In 2017 she was signed to the label Universal with her pop-project Liive, and has released radio singles, and played support for Britney Spears on Denmarks biggest stage. She’s also written music for other artists in Los Angeles, London and Asia and is now currently working on her coming albums with Liive, her jazz quartet Live Sings Sassy, Rykte and new music for trio and big band. 

Friis has played several tours around the world, in Europe, Brazil and US. She is recognized for her extraordinary skills and virtuosity in the music field with her playful, pitch perfect voice as an improviser, composer, songwriter & bandleader and for her presence on stage.

She is currently touring with her band Live Sings Sassy (w/Bård Helgerud, Rodrigo Villagra & Magnus Eide), Liive (her pop project based in CPH), Live Foyn Friis & Current, feat Øyunn (with 4 saxophones and music from whole her carrier), in trio with Martin Schack & Morten Ramsbøll, in duo with guitarist Bård Helgerud, and as a solo artist with different bands and jazz orchestras among other projects.

«Intensely ethereal voice, creating a world of beauty and strangeness.»  – London Jazz News

«Denmark’s New Jazz Star!» – Danmarks Radio & DPA

«A female soloist with the world at her feet.» – Stardust – Wall of Fame – Jette Lykke

«Danmarks mest lovende jazz-pop talent er Norsk – Dagens Næringsliv

“En maktdemonstrasjon av kvinner i jazzen” – Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad om Live & The Jazz Cats

«Irresistible! Live Foyn Friis is a great musician. As a jazz singer, she is simply phenomenal. In addition, her irresistible presence in each line of the text and her enormous charisma on stage.» – By Bernhard Hienerwadel

“The Norwegian Billie Holliday” – ll Radio in New Orleans. 

«Poetisk Kraft!» – Tor Hammerø

«En ny vokal stjerne er født: Live Foyn Friis. Ikke si du ikke var advart om at konsertene hennes blir utsolgt!» – Tor De Jazz

«Live Foyn Friis has the real X-Factor!» Jakob Hassing, Jazz Special

«A singer-songwriter of God’s grace” – GAFFA

«ONE WILD ENSEMBLE IN WORLD CLASS!» – Lise Westzynthius, Local Heros.

«Live Foyn Friis crafts an earthy, shamanic sound that is equal parts folk, jazz, indy and country – The Irish Times


Webpage of the singer and composer Live Foyn Friis

Live Foyn Friis

Interview from New Orleans April 2018

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