FOYN Records

Welcome to FOYN Records!
This is my new started label, and several albums will be released here. I work together with Musikk Operatørene and Phonofile who distribute my releases.

Artists on FOYN Records, and coming releases:

About the album(English): Willow_newsletter
Om albumet (Danish): FOYNHESSACSOMMER

First coming album:  WILLOW – 7th of September 2018 – FOYN/HESS/AC/SOMMER
Fooling Myself (single) – 13th of July 2018 – FOYN/HESS/AC/SOMMER
Ilsa (single) – 27th of July 2018 – FOYN/HESS/AC/SOMMER
Nice Work If You Can Get It (single) – 31st of August 2018 – FOYN/HESS/AC/SOMMER
Anniversary Song (single) – 4th of September 2018 – FOYN/HESS/AC/SOMMER

Next coming album: FOYN, Live Foyn Friis – Foyn (2-3 digital singles, 1 music video, and then album)

Coming: Live Foyn Friis & Thomas Torstrup – Værfast (vinter 2019)

Coming: Liis – listentoliis

Coming: Live & The Jazz Cats – My favorite standards // SMIL

Coming: I Tanker – På Stengrunn

Coming: Live Foyn Friis’s Czech Quintet – Happy Chant

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