live review – antje oeklesund 3rd January – Indie Berlin

foyn_trioThe first band starts punctually at ten-ish, cos if you’re going to get us out on the 3rd of January we don’t want to be waiting until half past midnight to get our juices flowing. Foyn Trio are up first, and they’re great. On the youtube videos and the soundcloud numbers I checked out before I went I was still umming and ahing a bit, one of the videos I liked, the other two were a bit too experimental-pop for me, but I have to admit that there’s something wrong with my wifi connection and all youtube videos sound like there’s anti-aircraft shells exploding through the middle of the tape that’s winding slowly past the heads

So it was difficult, I suppose, to really get a very clear picture of the true sound.

The soundcloud numbers I liked more, maybe because of the above mentioned sound problems, and maybe because it was a studio-recorded album.

Anyway, there were no problems here. Foyn Friis was wonderful. She had a voice so glass-clear that, together with her certain Schandinavianness (probably a word) she summoned up the image of one of those magical elves in Lord of the Rings. She was very…sweet is the best way to describe it – she was endearingly fragile, slightly reserved, and with an amazingly pure voice. The double bass and guitar backed her up very nicely. The high point was a song that she started by looping a beatbox sound, then building up layer on layer until the whole thing rose to a great crescendo before peeling off the layers once more, all the way back down to where she had started from.

Way to go Foyn Trio – whose album might I mention is released today (04.01.13) and is in the stores for you to run out screaming and grab it!….go….go….go….


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