Just came home from wonderful New York

I’ve just came home to silent little Aarhus in Denmark from New York. It has been a amazing trip! Although Aarhus is Denmark’s next biggest city, it kind of seems like coming to the country side now. 🙂 I have played gigs with the wonderfull musicians Daniel Sommer, Christian Vuust, Nikolaj Hess, Teis Dragheim, Kristoffer Gori Verdoner, Scotty Bramer at Spikes Hill in Brooklyn, at El Sol Brilliante(a crazy garden party in East Village, NYC) and at the lovely salon Tricia & Oscar in East Village. And we played on alot of jam sessions, at Fat Cat, Smalls and Dizzy’s Coca Cola Club(where you can look out on the skyscrapers and from the top floor from Lincoln Center).
And we met alot of insiring people! And me and Daniel Sommer are coming back in the Autumn to make a record with Nikolaj Hess and Thomas Morgan, feat Chrisitan Vuust!!! So much looking forward to it!!! 🙂

All my best,


IMG_4413 meg, nikolaj og christian
Meg, Nikolaj og Christian etter konsert på Tricia&Oscar

IMG_4489Her er vi etter konsert på Spikes Hill i Brooklyn


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