Foyn Trio! Selected to play the 12-Points Festival – Europe’s 12 most promising jazz bands

12 Points 2014 – Umeå

10-13th April 2014

Norrlands Operan, Umeå, Sweden

12 Points showcases 12 young European jazz ensembles each year, creating a unique networking opportunity for its participants. It is a valuable resource for festival bookers and jazz media seeking a high quality pan-European showcase of emerging jazz talent.


Foyn Trio Århus

Foyn Trio

Århus, Denmark



  • Live Foyn Friis – Vocals/ Effects
  • Alex Jønsson – Guitar/ Vocals
  • Jens Mikkel Madsen – Double Bass/ Vocals


One of the hottest names on the current Danish jazz scene with a recent Danish Music Award nomination and the title as Young Jazz Composer of the Year 2012.– Kenneth Kristensen, Aarhus Musik Festival


Two Danes and a Norwegian comprise the Aarhus based Foyn Trio, but their sound speaks to the wider creative energies of many young musicians across Scandinavia today. Pivoting on the voice of Live Foyn Friis, here is soulful, unhurried music that speaks for itself in an impressionistic spacewhere categorization seems especially futile.

Guitarist Alex Jønsson and bassist Jens Madsen are primarily concerned with texture, painting in loops and colours and their own voices, adding to the music’s panoramic feel. It’s a beautiful frame for the star attraction; Live Foyn Friis’ ethereal, bittersweet, occasionally Bjorkesque delivery, a voice you’d be happy to hear anywhere.


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