Live Review by Mia Morris, Indie Berlin – echo me and foyn trio in antje oeklesund 3rd January

Foyn Friis was wonderful. She had a voice so glass-clear that, together with her certain Schandinavianness (probably a word) she summoned up the image of one of those magical elves in Lord of the Rings. She was very…sweet is the best way to describe it – she was endearingly fragile, slightly reserved, and with an amazingly pure voice. The double bass and guitar backed her up very nicely. The high point was a song that she started by looping a beatbox sound, then building up layer on layer until the whole thing rose to a great crescendo before peeling off the layers once more, all the way back down to where she had started from.

Way to go Foyn Trio – whose album might I mention is released today (04.01.13) and is in the stores for you to run out screaming and grab it!….go….go….go….

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live review – echo me and foyn trio in antje oeklesund 3rd January 


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