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FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2015

Live Foyn Friis

Today we get to meet Live Foyn Friis from Asker in Norway.

She is a singer / songwriter and composer with roots in jazz , pop and improvised music.

Live Foyn Friis graduated from the Conservatory in Tromsø , the Royal College of Music, Stockholm in Stockholm and the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus with a master’s degree in rythmic in 2011.

Live Foyn Friis is the vocalist and songwriter in the band Foyn Trio!, with bandmates Alex Jønsson (guitar, effects and chorus) and Jens Mikkel Madsen (bass, backing vocals).
In addition she has a band named “Live Foyn Friis” which includes the members of Foyn Trio! plus Andreas Skamby (drums).
And then there is the orchestra “Live Foyn Friis with Strings”, which adds to “Live Foyn Friis” Louise Grom (violin), Amalie Kjældgaard (violin), Mikkel Schreiber (viola) and Maria Edlund (cello).

Not sure when or if she gets time to relax with all that going on.

So now you know all about her, time to listen to her. And boy are you in for a treat.

First up a very different jazz vibe from a truly tight band and the awesome voice of Live Foyn Friis.
This is one of her more recent releases.
This is one tremendous song.


Regissør/ Fotograf: Linnea Syversen
Fotograf 2 / Klipp: Solveig Bakken
Makeup: Maria Sand
Actor: Jakob Retz
Musicians: Live Foyn Friis – voc / Alex Jønsson – guitar /
Jens Mikkel Madsen – bass / Andreas Skamby – drums

Some amazing drumming here, equally matched by awesome vocals.
Perfromed live @ Mellow Sessions.

Running Heart

So smooth, deliciously smooth. Sadly so brief.

Mermaid Song 

Momentos de la 4º jornada del 9º Encuentro Internacional de Músicos Jazz a la Calle 2015 Cámaras de Sofía Porrini, Diana Delgado y Diego Lozza, Mercedes, Uruguay

Finally today, Live Foyn Friis with her Trio and strings performing live at Aarhus musikhus, from Live Foyn Friis live album “Live Foyn Friis live with string”

My Ancher 

Thanks WOF for the intro.


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