Living the dream***

Hey guys! Hope everything is good with you! I’m very much looking forward to the next days! In fact things are pretty crazy. I’ve been signed on Universal Music, and my new single is coming out in 3 days! Wow! It’s called København! And I’m called Liive!

So, lately, we’ve picked out the new, awesome single cover, logo, new press pictures, made music video with this amazing team(see pict below), and had a makeover with my hair and clothes and everything. It’s so much fun! ❤

And I’ve, or we(my producers and me) have made so much cool new music, and I can’t even wait to share it with you guys!!! But here is the very first song. So just wait for 3 days! It will be out on Friday the 1st of September. * And yes, I’m also off course on tour as usual. Right now mostly in Norway, Denmark & Czech Republic. But I’ll also come around to The States and South-America and so on, during the fall 😉 So, see you ;*

And please follow me on the web with the project Liive. You will find it under IAMLIIVE
snapchat: iamliive

Tourdates høst17_edited-221247955_10159252544515022_1276423435_o


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