Liive – “Gaslighting” | Review

Liive – “Gaslighting” | Review

Liive – “Gaslighting” | Review

Liive blows us away with her first English release, “Gaslighting.”

We’ve heard of Liive before, enjoying her Norwegian releases, but obviously not understanding a word of them, so forgive us when we lost our shit when we saw she released a song Friday…IN ENGLISH.

“Gaslighting” is a perfect dark-pop, mixed with strong house and synth influences that pick you up and transport you on a galactic journey.

The production is perfectly done, rising and falling in all the right parts just before the chorus when, with a little help from a Eurythmics sample of “There Must Be An Angel,” the synths come crashing down.

Can we just take a minute to appreciate the Eurythmics sample though?! It’s honestly perfect.

Liive’s voice becomes part of the production in several places, blending seamlessly in the otherworldly beats, but still showing it’s strength and versatility throughout.

BRB while we listen to this song a few hundred more times!

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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