New review from Berlin. Looking forward to play koncert there next week! :)

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Foyn Trio from Norway releases debut album in Germany at Antje Oeklesund on 3rd January

Foyn Trio from Norway releases debut album in Germany at Antje Oeklesund on 3rd January

Foyn Trio are relative newcomers to the scene in Scandinavia, the band being born in 2009, but have already won a Danish music award.

They inhabit the territory between jazz and improv pop. And if that sounds like it should be pop and improv jazz, actually their improvisational feeling seems more to have its roots in the pop side of their sound – although they’re very obviously originally from the jazz field, one has the impression that it was probably only when they started going in the pop direction that their imagination was allowed free reign, as upside down as that may strike you. Now they keep the jazz feel but make heavy use of loop pedals and electronics to give their sound its unique touch.

In 2011 the band contributed a song to a compilation album featuring well-known bands such as Datarock and Kaizers Orchestra, leading to radioplay in Denmark and then of all places the US.

In the same year they released their debut album „Joy Visible“ and kept on touring.

Now Joy Visible is to be released in Germany on the 4th of January 2013 and the band are backing that up with a tour alongside talented labelmate Echo Me, a man making some serious waves of his own.

They play in Antje Oeklesund on the 3rd January and go on to play the Nordlicht circuit with Echo Me in the same month.

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