London Jazz News

Live Foyn Friis calls the songs she’s written ‘indie-jazz’; Alex Jønsson Christensen’s Frisell-like guitar was the perfect foil for her intensely ethereal voice. In a song ‘about Spring’ the string quartet’s glissandi drew out the lines of the chords behind the guitar solo. In Can You Live, Jens Mikkel Madsen’s bass had strong percussive force behind the guest euphonium solo. Foyn Friis’ gamine presence and breathy tone recalled Bjork, her fast vibrato intensified by the tremolo strings.Dementor (from Harry Potter) was triphoppy and eerie (Andreas Skamby on drums), while the last song had melodic folk qualities. The arrangements were beautifully detailed through the set, creating a world of beauty and strangeness.


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