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Liive is the new pop project of the eatablished vocalist Live Foyn Friis, who have played around the world with her jazz- and indiejazz projects, released 4 albums, all nominated for international prizes, and she was named The New Jazz Star of Denmark, and won the prize for Best Young Jazz Composer. At SMUKFEST 2018, Liive won the prize Best Performance at JazzCamp 2018, and got to play on Bøgescenen(Denmarks second biggest stage, after Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival) before Mø, Kim Larsen & Britney Spears.

Liive signed with Universal in 2017, and released her first single “København” the fall 2017 (it’s a cute song about beeing lonely in Copenhagen, with Norwegian lyrics), and it became a great radio hit in Denmark!

Next single is very soon to be released, fall 2018, and Liive & her band is ready to take over the world with their live show. Some of the material is in Norwegian and some in English. Her band consists musicians from Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

About Liive:
«A female soloist with the world at her feet.» – Stardust – Wall of Fame – Jette Lykke

“Liive leger med og bruger sin stemme, så det giver gåsehud(eller ståpels som det heter på norsk!)” – Mads Kornum

«A singer-songwriter of God’s grace” – GAFFA

«Live Foyn Friis has the real X-Factor!» – Jakob Hassing «Denmark’s New Star!» – Danmarks Radio & DPA

“Liive will definitely change the fact that the swedes has been the supplier of the Nordic hits in Denmark.» 33Plus

A natural talent, the jury couldn’t resist:  “We danced – It worked. Everything came together in a higher level and with moments of goosebumps delivered the years winner an amazing concert with catchy music, sung by and artist with a big voice. It’s pop for a warm summer day, presented by an energetic and well-playing band”

– The jury’s statement at the award of the prize at SMUKFEST.

What booking will surprise the audience?
“It was a crazy good performance Liive delivered on Sunday at Live Camp, so I think it’s her. She is Norwegian, has a great voice… i’m pretty sure the’ll get a hot surprise” – booker Mikkel Xavier Jonassen about Liive in an interview with Andreas Mortensen

Supported by KODA



Besetning 1(liivetrio)

Line up 1:
Liive – voc, keys, Olle Markensten – keys, electronics, Ole Mofjell – drums

Line up 2:
Liive – voc, Jakob Sørensen – trumpet, Daniel Brandt – keys, Mark Lauritsen – drums, electronics

Line up 3:
Liive – voc, Olle Markensten – keys, electronics, Adrian Christensen – synth bass/ el-bass, Asker Bjørk – drums, electronics



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